"Persistent, creative, consistent.
When Mark believes there is a match between an advertiser and the media he represents,
he works relentlessly to demonstrate
that point."

– Scott Ziegler,
Advertising Director,
Dolan Media Company
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Mark Schultz


Schucon is a consulting company created to help level the playing field for small businesses. As advertising and promotion change and evolve, small businesses need a partner they can trust to help find the best solutions. That is our mission.

Founder Mark Schultz has over 25 years experience in advertising, marketing, sales, and management experience. He has helped many clients get that marketing edge they needed to become successful.

Mark created Schucon because he saw that small businesses sometimes waste time and money on technology and materials that don't help them in the ways they need most. He believes that even the smallest business can succeed without spending like "the big guys". Schucon helps you spend smarter.

Contact Schucon for more detailed information on how we can help your company!


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